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04-25-2014, 02:55 PM
Pacifist Goon
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It obviously depends what level of hockey you're playing at and what level you hope to play at with regards to what and how much training you do off ice.

I'm a pretty big guy and don't feel the need to do any strength work these days, but do a little bit of cardio (running), 45 minutes to an hour, two or three mornings a week.

Most of the guys I send to the ice don't end up on their backsides because they're too small or not strong enough, but because they're not strong or stable enough on their skates; it's skating thing, not a size or strength thing. The little guys that skate really well don't seem to have too many problems.

Not sure if this belongs in here or in the frustrations thread, but I get really bugged by the guys that turn up who are unfit and do nothing, not that they are unfit and do no training, but that they go on about it. 'Oh, I'm so unfit' or 'I need to do..'. Either do something or shut up. Doesn't stop them staying out longer than they are really up to.

Unless you're playing seriously competitively or have designs on such, a little running or something similar is all you need. Most people would probably obtain hugely more benefit from spending more time on skill work.

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