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02-10-2004, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by kazo
I have to disagree, JR. I think you would see the opposite. I think you would see a single forechecker in the offensive zone. What you're saying is fine as long as the attacking team has the puck. Otherwise there would be just a single forechecker with the rest of the unit peeling back on defense. Again, you won't see forwards going deep in the zone unless they have clear puck possession.

It's all pretty much irrelevant anyway because, at the end of the day, as long as the game is dominated by clutching, grabbing, and interference not much will change no matter what rule changes are made.
That is why I said this change COUPLED with a new point system that would encourage more aggressive style by awarding regulation wins 3pts would be the answer.

The problems that face the game are to great that one single move would be able to address all that needs to be addressed.

And while my point was made by having the other 3 guys forwards trying to score and going deep into the attacking zone yours is based on teams just throwing it in and backing off which would happen at points in the game but that team would have to have forwards go deep at some point otherwise they'll never apply any pressure and never score and if the new point system is implemented as I think it will be, winning games in regulation will mean so much more then now that the result would be more aggressive styles of play as the extra points for this type of win would be so significantly more that W's in regulation would be the primary objective.

To me the bottom line is there would be significantly more eligible space to make a legal pass to and the added eligible space in the neutral zone would make the all important gap, that is the vital part of effectively clogging center ice, and opening up these holes beteween the 5 man unit all of the sudden opens things up and the defenders are spread thinner and as a result passes can be made successfully at center ice and speed can be generated by puck carriers once again.

The spacing of the dfenders are the key to the trap and these rules throwing that up in disarray along with a point system that really would reward teams going for the wins in regulation would go a long way in improving this game IMO.

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