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02-10-2004, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by DARKSIDE
However, the above Colorado fan, finds my comment ignorant, but not the one made about the Bruins not being contenders. How fast they forgot about the Minnesota series last year!
Actually, I wasn't taking issue with the Avs underachieving part of your comments, just all the rest of it. I figured you'd be able to work that out from what I wrote, but let me make that clear. As to whether someone considers the Bruins to be contenders or not...that's mostly semantics. I don't agree with whoever said or intimated that they aren't contenders, for what it's worth.

I do take issue with someone telling me that as a follower of the Avs that I am automatically arrogant, and fancy them the new Oilers, etc. And true to what I said, this is just leading to more crap tangential discussion, so I'll leave it be now.

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