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02-10-2004, 12:49 PM
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Yes, DW is a bit too conservative. Despite my defending him, he has been reluctant to trade at times. Time will tell if this helped or hurt the team, no way we can see it right now.

Remember, we are still a very young and fragile team. Would it really be worth the risk at this point in our very young history to be so aggressive in trade for what would likely be a minimal gain? Everyone's answer will be different of course, but I do think that question is relevant to this point. It's different with teams like the Flyers, Rangers, etc; they are older teams where expectations are to win now and management tries to accomplish just that (feel free to insert Ranger joke here).

The core of Philly is older; their primary concern is winning the Cup in the next year or two before many of their players get too old. They have an eye to the future as every team does, but the bulk of their focus is on the here and now. They will be more aggressive in trade. That's just the way it works.

I still have to believe that my first thoughts on this. The ownership issue and the relatively weak bargaining position due to injuries are as big a factors as any in not being able to trade. For all I know, DW really was burning up the phones trying to get a deal done but he was either handcuffed by money issues, or other GMs were trying to screw him because they knew the team was hurt and he was a bit desperate.

We'll never really know. At this point, I really don't care to. I'm getting a tad bit tired of questioning/defending an issue that I will never know the actual facts of. I hate speculating, absolutely hate it. Mostly, I do believe in what I've said. But a small part of me somehow thinks that all of this posturing is a load of BS. That's a sure-fire sign to me that this little debate can have no clear-cut answer and we'll continue to run around in circles, accomplishing nothing but ticking each other off. So I'll bow out of this one and leave it to the rest of you.

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