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Originally Posted by EbencoyE View Post
My friend plays in the SPHL. Says he gets about $200 a week.
I hope that is what he nets after withholding, meals, housing, and other payments are taken off his gross pay.

$200 * 52 weeks = $10,400 just to throw a number out there.

Assuming a hockey season is 27 weeks in length that is just $5,400.

Unless he's on a try-out (temporary) contract, then I could see it.

A league with $300,000 cap with a 30-week season (for simplicity's sake) has a $10,000 weekly cap to pay 18-22 players assuming no player movement - about $450-$550 per player per week. Some players earn more than others, and others still are on short-term, 5-game or whatever try-out contracts. So, $200 is not totally out of the question for a fill-in type guy.

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