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03-07-2007, 05:17 PM
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The future of the Predators

Please don't flame me for this thread.. i only made it cuz it didn't seem like you guys have a thread for this (nor should you...)

but with all this talk about the Penguins moving and KC as a possible location there was some speculation (in a thread at the Penguins board) that the penguins would probably end up staying in pittsburgh and that possibly KC would be getting a team in the form of the Predators... thats what people were saying in that thread so please don't shoot the messenger...

the thread also mentioned that you have an option to leave your lease after the 07-08 season

i guess my question is:

-is it likely the preds will be moved in the near future
-is attendance that bad that you guys need to move to KC??
-i thought financial wise, nashville was in a OK situation
-and if attendance is low, WHY IS IT LOW? you guys have a great team.. heck, a contending team


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