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02-10-2004, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Benji Frank
Skoula's actually been playing quite well over the last couple of weeks while Foote was in and out of the lineup..... maybe now is his real shot at top 4 minutes and he can either sink or swim once and for all! If he swims, he'll be attractive come summer. If he sinks, he'll be gone by the trade deadline!!!! In any event, maybe him, Foote, Morris, Skrastins, Liles & Mccallister or whoever might be able to carry the load for awhile.
Well, do you think that Colorado is willing to do that though? Skoula is the type of player that when he's doing well, he's doing really well. When he's doing bad, he can cost you games. I'm just skeptical as to the faith of him in the Colorado front office as far as getting top 4 minutes is concerned. Which is why I was offering up two solid veterans for his services in Carolina.

Colorado has a serious chance at winning the cup this season, and I doubt they would let Skoula cost them points simply because they want to see if he's ready to take top 4 minutes. I don't see their faith in him being that high, personally. If past is any judge, they will make a deal for a defenseman at the deadline and Skoula is a moveable asset to a team like Carolina who have lots of stable defenseman that would be able to come back at very little cost and very little responsibility. I'm not sure how comfortable the fans would feel about trading even more draft picks out of town when they have been accused of mortaging their future already. Skoula is young, but he's not that young.

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