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02-10-2004, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Drake1588
While Foote is obviously going nowhere to anyone with a lick of sense, I would be curious to hear Avs fan thoughts on what the team could give up for Gonchar, or a Gonchar/Kolzig package.
foote and tanguay for gonchar and kolzig is ridiculous if only because losing blake makes foote that much more important and gonchar would be aquired to add to the defense.

the other side of the equation is that colorado fans are clearly not open to the idea of trading of the roster anyone but skoula. skoula and a draft pick or a 2nd tier prospect would not get one of the two players much less both.

the capitals do have a prized goalie prospect in ouellet which makes kolzig tradable to some extent. but the capitals are not going to leave the goaltending to a prized rookie and force him to play behind the defense they have now, much less a defense that is further depleted by the trade of Gonchar.

so...for the caps to trade both kolzig and gonchar, the caps would have to receive in return players that will either improve the defense from where it stands now with gonchar OR provide players that allow the caps to move other assests for the improved defense.

for instance tanguay makes it easier to trade lang for the defensemen needed.

my guess is that kolzig and gonchar stay in washington. the caps are not going to take marginal players for them.

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