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Originally Posted by Potter
and what do you know it, they picked me to be GM. Now what I'm going to do is give you all a list of decisions I would make between now and the first day of training camp. (assuming the league plays next season and all my trades went down)

before trade deadline:
-Put Renney and O'Reilly behind the bench
-Trade Poti and Ruchinsky to anybody for a solid prospect (Toronto's Jay Harrison, Ottowa's Igor Mirnov, or maybe the Sharks' Brad Boyes?) and a 3rd round pick
-Trade Malakhov to anybody for best pick possible
-Same goes for Mironov
-Trade Leetch, Simon, and a 2nd to the Bruins for Jillison, Mark Staurt (or Jars Jonsson if they don't give up Staurt), and a 1st.
-Nedved and a pick (5th) with some cash to LA for Tim Gleason or maybe to San Jose or for a good pick or prospect (Boyes?). (Anyone who could use a scoring center for the playoff push.
-Kovalev and cash to the Vancouver for Chubarov and a 3rd

During off season:
-Hire Ted Nolan, or an assistant out there who will get the most out of the players we got (ala Hitch, Lemaire)
-Mess retires, Dunham goes somehow, Lindros retires or signs somewhere else. (we're left with Jagr, Holik, De Vries, Kaspar, Lundmark, DLac, Ortmeyer, Bouchard, Purinton, Blackburn, Markkanen)
-Draft best available at each pick we have in the draft. Take gambles on high end talent later in the draft, but draft best available talent there.
-Sign Brent Johnson
-Sign Sheldon Keefe
-Sign a Mike Sillinger or Andrei Nikolishin or maybe Curtis Brown to play 3rd/4th line center. Mike Ricci, Joe Juneau or Wes Walz also a possibility. Just one reliable center for a year with a club option for 2. Maybe 2 years gaurenteed. (rumor has it Tim Connolly might not be offered a contract, might want to try and bring him in)
-Get just one or two FA wingers in here like Buchberger, Holzinger, Dallas Drake, Scott Pellerin, Scott Thorton, Tom Fitzgerald, someone who wont screw up much and might be able to fetch us a nice pick come next year at the trade deadline. Sign non of them to more than one year gaurenteed.

Going into camp we look like (I'll have a little fun here)
We got Holik, Lundmark, Brad Boyes, Chubarov, Ortmeyer and Sillinger coming into camp as centers. Jagr, DLac, Keefe, Dallas Drake, Heerema, Moore, Garth Murray, Juris Stals, Thorton, Prucha, Marcus Jonasen, Dawes, wiseman, and what ever other picks who want to play foward come out. On D, we got De Vries, Kaspar, Bouchard, Tjutin, Jillison, and Puriton. Jessiman and Falardeau cant come to camp if im not mistaken.

Now on defense, if Puriton or Bouchard is out played badly (ala Novak or Martin Richter a few years back) by Natha Guenin, Aufiero, Baranka, Lampman, Taylor, or another pick/invitee then they stick and then they person they beat out is either exposed or the HS. Hey, lets say we got Harrison (hes nasty).

In net, Blackburn and Johnson really get to fight it out for #1. Lets get Lundquist in there and see if he can chase for it.

If we are still really hurting on the wings you can ALWAYS find a solid winger in the waiver draft. So ideally... In camp Boyes shines with Jagr, Drake completes the line very well. Holik and Lundmark get their chemistry back and Thorton complimented them well. Sillinger centers a nice grind line. Ortmeyer, Heerma, and Chubarov throw in a goal here and there without screwing up. Jillison and Harrison get in the starting lineup. Solid camp and Harrison went Klouchek style knocking people down in camp. Blackburn goes to the AHL, Johnson plays well enough, so Jussi backs up. Here's my starting line up.....


Tjutin-De Vries


Thats turning over the team pretty hardcore. What do you all think?
It's a nice effort but their are problems.

The majority of turn over will come from the fact that the Rangers do not have many players under contract for next season. The Leetch trade is far fetched and to say that you would trade Malakhov and Mironov for picks is a reach. Certainly saying that Dunham "goes somewhere" is open ended. Another problem I have with what you propose is you bring guys who are similar to what the Rangers have already with the players here and in Hartford. With Murray, Ortmeyer, Barnaby (who you ignored and I would resign), Wiseman and others, this team does not need Silinger or Keefe.

And I want no part of Ted Nolan. There is a reason that he has not been given a chance again and I reckon it is for something that none of us are truly aware of.

My top priorities:

1) Get Hlavac out of here. If I can get a 9th rd pick I would be ecstatic. Either way, he's gone at the end of the summer. I said that this team could not be a contender with Ronald Petrovicky getting second line LW minutes. Well Hlavac has done even less. Enjoy the fourth line. And the meal money on the road. It will be your last.

2) Resign Rucinsky. Right now. I'm willing to risk overpaying him now to make sure I have him for next season.

3) It's time to fish or cut bait with Lundmark. OK kid, Lindros is gone, you're my second scoring line center. And I will give you every opportunity to succeed. Thats why your RW is Jaromir Jagr.

4) Petr Nedved, I'm not picking up my club option on you. But I do want you back. 1 year 3M.

5) Alex Kovalev, it was real and it was good but it was never real good. I have traded you to Toronto for Darcy Tucker and a 2nd.

6) Tom Poti, I would love to deal you. And I resist the temptation to deal you to the Blues for a 3rd rd pick. But I'll be damned if you ever play with Leetch again.

7) I sign Chris Pronger.

8) I sign Brian Rolston.

9) I sign Steve Konowalchuk.

10) Keep all picks and pick the best player available with each selection. This team is not deep enough in the farm system to pick and choose positions of need.

11) I can't see Dunham going anywhere. Markkanen might as he is an effective backup and he is cheap. Florida needs a back up so I trade Markkanen for a 4th round pick. Dunham becomes my back up and I sign Sean Burke or Chris Osgood for one year. Give Blackburn a year in Hartford and hope he is ready to be the go to guy in 05-06.

Brian Rolston - Petr Nedved - Darcy Tucker
Martin Rucinsky - Jamie Lundmark - Jaromir Jagr
Steve Konowalchuk - Bobby Holik - Jed Ortmeyer
Garth Murray - Dominic Moore - Matthew Barnaby

Leetch - Pronger
de Vries - Kasparaitis
Tyutin - Poti/Bouchard



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