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02-10-2004, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Malefic74
Why is it the minute anybody on any contending team gets hurt, they're automatically looking to their opponents for help? This is what farm teams are for. Someone already mentioned the Avs defense is far from the depleted state of say the Caps or Penguins, so why panic now?

Bring a kid up from the farm for a half dozen games, see how they do. Maybe if the Avs lose like 7 straight without Blake, then start looking around.

It just seems on these boards that if a big money, contending team has a player who gets hurt that team is automatically going to come in and give you picks and prospects for your own problem players. It's a little silly.

If the Avs go in the toilet, then revive this thread. Detroit seems to be getting along just fine without Hatcher don't they? I seem to recall a similar thread back then.
Considering Lacroix isn't shy about making moves to address needs swiftly, it's only natural to speculate. Hell, the Avs would be likely buyers in whatever Carolina Blueline Blue Plate Specials that JR puts on the menu <i>before</i> this injury. That's what makes it relevant.

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