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04-27-2014, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by dasivon View Post
Not sure why me but...

I am sitting in an empty parking lot killing time on my phone. White van pulls up. Heavily tattooed scrawny guy "Hey want a free home theater system?" Nope. "Why not?" Tell them to leave. They do. Take down license plate.

The weirdest thing is a few months back I was in Spruce Grove filling up gas and a white van pulled up asking if I wanted a new tv cheap. Also declined.

Other than getting jumped, what is with this latest scam?

Just odd that white vans seem to find me whether in Edmonton or Spruce Grove and always on my own.
This happens to me constantly. I fill up after work @ the Esso on 156 st and 111th ave, I've had the same guy approach me 4 or 5 times asking me to buy a home theatre out of the back of his vehicle that he "got for cheap from work". He must not have a very good memory because I say no every time. He's not the only guy either, I've been approached by others with similar stories.... it's always in parking lots.

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