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04-27-2014, 03:25 PM
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I just hope that all the fans at the WFC yell "SHOOOOOOTTT ITTTT!!!!!" every time the Flyers are on the PP next game or whenever the point man has a pass coming towards him. As much as it pisses the players off, it just so happens to be the only thing that seems to be working. I can count on my d**k the number of pretty tic-tac-toe goals we've had this series, versus the number of one time shots that have either gone in, gotten deflected in or whose rebounds have been slammed in.

Just look at today's game. Both goals and pretty much every decent scoring chance we had came off of a point shot. Yet this team refuses to take them. They'd rather pass it down low to Simmonds and Hartnell who have a total of ZERO meaningful goals this series. The one-timers have been there on every PP but our guys have either passed them up, missed the net by 15 feet or in Timmo's case done an excellent job of watching the pass go right through his legs... (can anyone figure out what he was smoking on that play?!)

Then you have MacDonald and Coburn who won't take the one timer, but will then hesitate, wait for a Ranger to get RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM and then shoot it right at them... The worst is that most of the Rangers are selling out on the backswing, and instead of faking the shot, and skating around them or finding a better lane we just shoot it anyway. And I wouldn't mind if we passed up these shots if we had some grand scheme to get better looks, but instead we accept the passes and then just skate with the puck while the other 4 guys stare at the puck carrier. And then after 10 seconds the point man just sort of gives up and wrists a shot right into the defender... Seriously...?

Finally, we need to man up on Tuesday. The Rangers have been charging our players all series. We get the puck away and the Rangers will come from 10-15 feet away full speed and crush our guys, often aiming high. Meanwhile, our guys will flail away with their sticks as the Rangers skate down the boards essentially unimpeded. Can't give them the zone that easily. And it just seems like every 50/50 board battle went to a Rangers stick today. It was frustrating. And if I see one more guy literally get pickpocketed of the puck I'm gonna blow a gasket. It's just soft hockey. They need to hit and sell out to block shots. That first goal should have never even gotten through. Coburn looked like he alligator armed the block attempt on a relatively soft wrister. No way we get that shot through against them.

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