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03-08-2007, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
Sometimes it's not really a matter of who wants him, but where he wants to be. Obviously as a free agent you're going to overpay for him, that's just the nature of the beast most times.

As for how does he quietly do it, you pretty much just gave my answer. You can name off younger more talented players, you can name of nastier, more offensive, biggers, etc and those are the guys that get 90% of the press. Hannan will never really get credit as being one of top defensive defenseman, he doesn't get it for his offense, etc. What he does is a little bit of everything, but Hannan is far less known that guys he is far better than.

As for Tyutin, I think that's mainly because of hype. I've never been a huge fan of the hype he's gotten but that's just me. I think even in NY, Hannan wouldn't get a lot of attention, that's just now his game. However I think he's the ideal choice to play with a guy like Mara.

Will SJ let him go? Don't know, but being able to test free agency at 27 or 28 is tempting for a lot of guys. We'll see where that goes.
I hope Hannan goes on the market, but I can't see them letting him go unless they're in bad shape cap wise.

Speaking of this year, I don't think Tyutin has been hyped. It's just a clear fact that he was and is the steadiest defenseman in a cluster of accidents waiting to happen. Maybe its more or less his surroundings projecting him better than he is? I do think he was wrongly hyped in Junior as far as becoming a dominant offensive force from the blueline. But he's just such a darn mystery. Part of me wants to think he isn't producing offensively, because he's not as explosive a skater as he used to be. I remember watching skate him in Junior, tryouts for the Rangers, and even preseason with such a hop in his step, great acceleration, and impressive top end speed. When he came back from Russia the second go round, after leaving Hartford, he changed his style big time IMO. He was more plodding, methodical, and did not have as good success bringing the puck up the ice as he had previously.

I think with any prospect drafted in the second round, you have to be happy that you got a 2nd pairing, steady eddy type. He's mastered the hip check, doesn't hiccup under pressure, and routinely gets pitted against opposing team's stars. No matter what his expectations were, I'll take that. And he's only what, 24 years old? Not even?

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