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04-27-2014, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
Understandably people are going to be mad at Gill for the third goal but my god the pass Coburn gave him was unreal. Bundy describe it perfectly on the radio but I don't have the qoutes. He even said fans will rip Gill for the play but that's Coburn and all Coburn. It was an absolutely terrible pass that was leading to nothing but trouble.

Also, we still have two games in this series. No way am I calling it quits now and want a coaching change or any of this other crap that is being called for. We are not out yet no matter how much people try to say we are. Take it shift by shift and fight to gain back your confidence in this series. Win game 6 and just look at it like one more game you need to win. It was never going to be easy but we have way too many bailing on the team after these games.
Gill didn't handle it well, no, but it's laughable that he was in that situation to begin with.

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