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04-28-2014, 12:21 AM
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I'm on ice 4-5 times a week, a game proper, a couple of pick ups with guys a few of whom play or have played at a reasonably high level and one or two other skating sessions if I can get there. Am about to start some one on one skating sessions too.

6'4'' and 240lb, shoe size 13, skates 11E or EE. I imagine I get a little bit of use out of them and put skates under a little bit of strain.

$80 odd bucks wanted for the synergy 900's. Am presently in a pair of mint condition almost brand new (bar a couple of scuffs) old Bauer custom 3000's that just don't quite fit like my old Custom Supreme 2000's did from when I last played, but are closer to what I know. Dropped $100 for them online, but having to put blister plaster on the insides of my heels still after about three months.

I can afford to drop the money on something more upmarket if I have too, just prefer not to immediately unless necessary. The wife would go crazy, which isn't my first concern though. Was hoping to go bigger on some decent skates next year. Have spent well over a grand already this year on new hockey gear including sticks and new everything else.

I have couple of heel spurs that have developed on the outsides of my heels too, undoubtedly from skating, but they don't cause me any discomfort. Will look at getting them fixed over summer.

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