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04-28-2014, 09:12 AM
Ed finally concedes!
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Like Meltzer noted..Grossmann was having a good series overall until his injury. It was rather unfortunate especially since Gill and Gus are the backups. Might as well be Parent and Krajicek....

As far as who is to blame on that flub pass situation between Coburn and Gill....well I also agree with Bill that both were to blame. Coburn's pass was ill-advised to a dude the size of a skyscraper trying to find a black disc around his skates but the fact that Gill is slow is not Coburn's fault either.....

Coburn was as much to blame as Gill for that goal. He played the puck into danger and put Gill in a position where one of his weaknesses was exposed. Many of the NHL's physically biggest defensemen -- including skilled ones like Zdeno Chara or even Chris Pronger before his career-ending concussion issues -- sometimes struggle a bit when the puck goes right into their skates. It takes them a little longer to locate it. Once Gill had the puck go off his skate, he was toast. His recovery time is slow even by hulking defender standards.

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