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Name: Drew H.
Age: 26 almost 27
Location: Tampa, FL
Origin of Screen Name: Nickname

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 17 years
Current Team: beer leaguer
Current League: B league ICE and Roller league
Highest Level Played: Travel hockey and high school hockey
Current Level: Beer league
Position: Forward
Type of Player: two way forward
Player You Emulate: Shanahan for shooting and crashing net skating and current player Darren Helm

Current Gear
Helmet: Easton Stealth
Shoulders: Old school sherwood
Elbows: easton stealth
Shins: warrior something
Gloves: Warrior mac daddy
Skates: ccm u+ 09
Stick: Warrior dolomite

Hobbies: Hockey
Movies: Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, 300, movies
Music: Mostly Rock
TV: Dexter, True Detectives, House of Cards , Person of Interest, Blacklist Castle
Food: Favorite is Thai
Drinks: Green tea and Beer
Hockey Team: Redwings and Lightning
Hockey Player: Current Stamkos and Datsyuk All-time Kariya Shanahan Yzerman MSL Datstuk

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