Thread: Player Discussion: Erik Gustafsson (2012-13 season and beyond)
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04-28-2014, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Of COURSE you think he's overrated. You think the fanbase here adores him as much as they do Giroux. You're incredibly wrong on both counts.
Lol. Come on, I've clearly said repeatedly that I am using the term "love" in reference to the amount of people. For ease of reference, here is me repeatedly explaining it and you ignoring it:

I think you may be misunderstanding what I mean by love. I do not mean people actually "love" him like they want to marry him. I also don't mean that they think he is better than Giroux or Timonen. But the amount the guy is promoted, defended, generally talked about positively, is more than pretty much any other player. People love Giroux, but when something goes wrong, a lot of people point to him and criticize, sometimes fairly, sometimes unfairly. Same with Timonen. But that's about it. Gus seems to be the topic of conversation on everyone's mind throughout the season. Some brought up on its own, some brought up in defense of someone else (possible me), some warranted, some unwarranted. But the folks who love Gus are in greater number and in greater force than with a Giroux or a Timonen. I mean, can you really not see that?
I'm not talking about who has the best jersey sales my posts have all very clearly stated that he gets a lot of love on these boards.
Yes, and I explained that I didn't mean that he was literally loved in the sense that people want to marry him, or that people think Gus is as good as Giroux, or that people wear his jersey as much. Only that he is loved on HFBoards in the sense that he constantly talked about as either (a) a promising young defenseman; (b) part of, if not the solution to the team's defense; and (c) deserving of more starts, ice time, whatever; and anyone that disagrees is met with vehement opposition. Without touching on whether or not the purported "lovers" are correct or the detractors are correct, the fact is that the guy is the constant subject of high praise across these boards.
I don't know, maybe I am not being as clear as I could be. Do those above statements not make sense to you? Can you not see that I am saying emphatically that I am using the word in a specific manner, as explained above ad nauseum?

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