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04-28-2014, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I guess so, which again is perhaps the fault of all the "love" the guy gets around here. I know, I know, that is a confusing term and I haven't really explained at all what I meant by that, but what I mean (now pay attention, because I know stuff like this is confusing) is simply that with the amount people talk about the guy and complain about his lack of ice time, lack of starting, lack of whatever, it would seem that we're talking about a guy that is much better than a 5/6 defender. I'm really sorry for feeling that way, but it seems weird that a 5/6 defenseman is talked about so much around here, and then people say he is not overrated or there is no "love" for him or whatever you are saying. I don't know of too many other 5/6 defensemen that are the constant topic of debate (and hell apparently proof of condemnation of an entire organizations failure to develop a defenseman, reason to fire a coach, etc). It just seems like all of that put together might give the impression that a guy is overrated. But hey, you say he isn't, so he isn't.

I mean, he's just a 5/6 defenseman, right?
You're flat out too stubborn to understand. You aren't willing to understand, going back to the days where you couldn't wrap your head around the fact that MAYBE, just MAYBE, Gus should be playing ahead of Mez back in the mid-season when Gus had been outplaying Mez. Or even the offseason, after Gus had outplayed Mez.

Fact: D group is slow, struggles to move the puck, doesn't provide much offensively.

Fact: Gus can move the puck and provide offense, has great chemistry with Schenn where he played over his head and he and Schenn were the second pairing for a stretch, and generally just fills a need.

Fact: Despite those facts, the organization refuses to play him for the dinosaurs they have an incurable love affair with, willfully making the team worse. Then they trade assets for MacD, who they sign to a largeish contract, despite him not being much of an upgrade over Gus.

Can you maybe understand why there is controversy? And therefore, DISCUSSION?

Somewhere, you get ridiculously confused by these three really simple facts. So you flip out and engage in all sorts of strawman hyperbole to invent a different argument you can actually throw something at, even though it's not anything anybody is actually saying.

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