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04-28-2014, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by bauerhockey02 View Post
I know that. My point was that people would bring up Gus because it was a way to discuss how to improve the team using what was available on the roster at the time. By bringing up the Ghost and Laughton examples I was providing evidence of how it was not Gus love, rather it was a want to improve the team.

The singular example of Ghost, during the period of time where it was believed that Ghost on the ice was a possibility making Gus truly just a depth option in case of injury, alone shows that it is not a "love" of Gus but rather people just discussing how to improve the team.

Edit: If/When Gus is gone this offseason most people here probably won't care too much. Some will be angry about it however as I remember having a disagreement with someone on here earlier this season who thought Gus was or could be a #3 or 4 D at some point or something like that.
But the difference is that people bring up Ghost, it gets discussed, there is rational discussion on both sides, and it passes without a lot of notice. Gus has been consistently brought up basically since he showed up in Philly, and if someone says something like, oh I don't know, he doesn't deserve to be given the spot after 30 NHL games and that he has not earned a starting job yet, it is met with forceful opposition and ridiculous discussions like the one that is taking place right now. If that happened with Ghost or Laughton or another player, then I would see your point. But it doesn't. Most people are on the same page regarding the likes of Ghost and Laughton and if someone disagrees in some way (either saying one is not ready or needs to gain size or whatever), it is usually a pretty simple discussion that comes and goes. Make a comment about Gus? Watch out. Case and point...this ****ing discussion.

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