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02-10-2004, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by iagreewithidiots
Im disagreeing not being a hypocrite.

How so? The Pens goaltending has been very good this year.

How do you know how much time the Pens coaches spend doing what? I know you know somebody who knows Latin but inst he too busy with equipment to document what the coaches are doing every second?


Can you quote me on that opinion?

Ill quote myself:

My opinion is that the coaching of goaltenders has been handled well this season. Full time coach or not the goaltenders have played well.
How do you know how the coaching of the goaltenders has been handled?

Pens goalies have played well at times this year, but to say they don't need more instruction on the finer points of the game is being naive.

Plenty of games have been lost this year on bad goals. Can't blame the D on every goal, sorry.

As for Steve Latin, he has seen Molleken running drills, breaking down game film, working individually with players...all the stuff an "assistant head coach" does.

Kind of hard to focus all of your time on the goalies when you have these other responsibilities.

Pens need a coach who is dedicated to the position. Just because you think the goalies have "played well" this season, doesn't really convince me the Pens are doing the right thing.

I saw Fluery over commit to the puck and flop around alot more than he was at the beg. of the year.

He was trying to make up for the players in front of him. This is when a goalie coach would step in and get him back to basics.

I am sure Molleken worked with Fleury as best he could to address these problems, but again, he has other responsibilities.

Anyway, I don't want you to agree with me.

Since if you did, it would mean im an idiot j/k

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