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03-08-2007, 09:39 PM
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MD 1 was good 2 was the most unrealistic piece of **** in the world, and 3 was just plain stupid. I mean cmon first off the obvious knuckle puck from his own blue line. I would be willing to bet that not one person could hit the net from that distance without it hitting the ice at least once. Second off, a figure skater playing hockey come on. Third, WAS CANADA EVEN IN THE FREAKING MOVIE????? I mean seriously how can there be a massive international junior tournament, and not a word about Canada is spoken, but Iceland is dominant, give me a ****ing break. LOL sorry for the rant but i can't stand the movie from a hockey standpoint. Mystery Alaska was great, had it's comedic moments to go along with a great hockey story. Slapshot was the complete opposite, it was a great comedy, with a couple of good hockey moments. Miracle was amazing, although they did kind of overexaggerate a few things, still a great movie. Haven't seen Youngbloog.

Just curious though as i haven't seen this one mentioned: Sudden Death. Not really a hockey movie per say but its just funny watching Jean Claude Van-Damm (sp) stepping in as Ken Wregget and making a few saves.

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