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02-10-2004, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Zine
The fact of the matter is that players get bigger, faster and stronger over time.

Bobby Orr is the best defenseman in history - no d-man has ever been as dominant. But saying that, the players he was so dominant over would also be absolutely destroyed by today's talent. When watching games from the early 70’s (ex. Summit Series), it’s hard not to take notice of the skill level. Like Sampe has noted in his earlier post, the equipment, speed, strength, skill, and tactics of the players are almost laughable by today’s standards. Even simple things like skating mechanics seem pretty primitive.

Now, I still consider Orr the best defenseman in history…….
But I’m thoroughly convinced that if Lidstrom or Pronger were transported back in time to Orr’s era, they’d be every bit as dominant as Bobby was.
Yo Zine.....just wondering, how many of your great D-men of today have won the Arty Ross trophy????????? How many have come close????????

Have a nice day.

If #4 played today who knows what #'s he'd put up, todays players could actually keep up with him. Now figure in his creativity and TALENT.....

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