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03-09-2007, 02:22 AM
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Ahh what a game , Simon is a dick and I hope i never see on another NHL team again. And abou that no goal , whew was that close and all I read was wow that was in that was out but oooo my god what a clutch save that was by Lunk. He has been the man and so has Pruuu. he will hit 20 goals this year in which ( he plays with so much heart bu thad some bad bounce's) If he had luck on his side and was playind on the 2nd line/ powerplay all season, he would have prob had 30+ easy.

Overall We are in but we must continue to work our ass off. Avery is the man end of story I hope we see him next year also Mara is a plus trade this year ward did not do half of what Mara has already done. I really hope we make the playoffs and wind up faceing the Fishsticks , they and the Rangers make hockey what it is. And if what we see in reg season this could be on hell of a battle towards the Pie.

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