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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
True Blue this the first time I ever will go against a enforcer and say your statement is foolish and really dumb. Simon is a gutless puke who took the cheap way out . Get up and fight the guy he is a foot shorter and not in his class as a fighter. Simon totally blew his rep tonight as Dave Brown did vs Sandstrom The code was broke even if for one brief second he lost his cool when try to injury a fellow player a stick in the way Simon did tonight the game and everyone in it is cheapened. What was a fantastic exciting display of the new NHL is ruined because all over North America you don't see Dp with close to 100 total saves in 2 games or Prucha coming out of his slump you See Blood on the ice caused by a Goon Their term not mine breaking a stick on a guys face. That is Classless and stupid and he does not deserve a pass.
Dude the "new" NHL is B S people want the old NHL the "new" NHL is crap, I don't want to see assualt with a deadly weapon, but sex,violence etc sell. and here and there about once a season someone does something stupid. it doesn't ruin hockey. it is real emotion. so if people dont like hockey who cares? I would rather watch hockey anyday over some loser nfl receiver get a touchdown with these ridiculous end zone dances or picking up a fake cell phone call, givmee a break.

So if the "new" NHL takes over there will really be a problem with attendance etc. NHL will lose 20% of it's existing fan base, we want hitting and fights and raw emotion. I like some of the new rules I want to see the skill players be able to skate trhough the nuetral zone without being hooked etc, but i also want to see a defensman like Brendan Witt destroy a forward in front of his net

shame on simon, but lets hope the NHL does not overeact. and i don't mean against simon, he deserves whatever suspension he gets, lets just not see an overeaction to the physical play, as i fear is now coming

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