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03-09-2007, 08:44 AM
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"I donít think Maltby knows how to punch, he just knows how to slap. He got me good. But I know Malts would never square off and fight me. If I dropped my gloves, heíd skate away and Iíd get a penalty." - Avery from Maxim Magazine

"There are a few guys on Anaheim I would really like to do a number on. Iím not a big fan of Andy McDonald. Heís an arrogant little midget who would never back up anything he says in his life." - Avery from Maxim Magazine

"I talk a lot of trash. I told one guy he should let his dog lick his face, not chew it. When I really, really dislike a guy, I usually start in on the wife. I usually just say that his wife is either fat or ugly. One of the two." - Avery from Maxim Magazine

ďHordichuk is the worst player in the NHL. Heís an embarrassment. He canít even skate, he canít shoot, and he canít pass. Just look at the stats.Ē - Avery from Maxim Magazine

"In a couple hours I'll probably feel like I got hit like a small, uhh, UPS truck, or FEDEX if you like...pick one. " - Avery from HNNYL

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