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Originally Posted by dhasek3910 View Post
does anyone have pictures they could post to show this? and also...where should the hands be positioned on the stick, top and bottom hand?
For the learn to play kids I always instruct them to:
1. Hold the top of their stick in their xx hand (ss depends on whether you shoot left or right) and point the stick up in the air.

2. Rotate the stick to demonstrate that the power hand is really doing most of the stick handling.

3. Place the elbow of the other arm on top of the power hand.

4. Move the other hand onto the stick leaving the elbow touching the power hand. I emphasize that this hand has a looser grip on the stick by having the kids rotate the stick again.

5. Keepig the hands in the same position, place the blade of the stick on the ice. That demonstrates the "bassic" stickhandling position.

6. As a final emphasis to have a lighter grip on the bottom, non-power hand, I have the kids keep a loose grip on the lower hand and using their upper power hand, move the blade forward and back on the ice without moving their whole body or lower arms.

It's a lot easier to demonstrate this thanit is to put into words. I hope this makes sense.

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