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Originally Posted by Davisian View Post
Impressive debut, but was it me, or did he fall like 30 times out there?
Dubinsky had a severe skating issue only 2 years ago. He were really really choppy. He kind of ran on his skates, and could beat players with a long first step and quick feets. But it weren't pretty, and he had no speed at all gooing long distances.

BB have covered Dubinsky and how much he have worked on his skating during the offseasons. He is now pretty fast gooing forward, and it doesn't look all that bad at all. Now he can keep up with just about anyone in straight lines. Thats defenitly a result of his work during our summercamps, amazing results actually. He we drafted Dubinsky 6 years ago, its possible he would be in the ECHL now, I defenitly think Dubinsky is as good of a proof there is how much our "off-ice" organization is gooing to pay off in the future, and how much it hurt us not developing our kids properly before.

Though I still feel he got a major balance issue when turning. You often see him move his arms to keep balance if he makes a sharp turn, thats defenitly a sign that something isn't right there.

I think thats the reason why he falls so much. It wouldn't have looked so odd if he skated as bad in general as he did 2 years ago, now it looks odd since he skates pretty well gooing forward, and can turn well under his conditions, but when he is forced to make a sharp turn in a degree he aren't used to, he often just tilts over or loose his feets. Like if there is a rebound and Dubinsky trys to make a sharp turn to pick it up, you often see him go down. If he got the puck on his stick its diffrent since he can dictate what degrees to turn and kind of are in controll.

Its defenitly not a strength/balance issue, he is really solid on his feets when he got balance.

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