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03-09-2007, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by handtrick View Post
Well coaches.....if you want to take the 'cutseyness' out of our PP, the answer is staring down at you from the vantage point of a humble 21 yo 6' 3"stud blueliner, who I have been saying for a long time, is the future of this franchise, and future captain in-waiting....Shea Weber. He has won on every level....been MVP on every level...and is basically a winner. You can't teach it, but you better utilize it when you have it....because it doesn't come around very often.
There is NO JUSTIFIABLE reason that he is not on the 1st unit PP from here on out with Zids being demoted to the 2nd unit. Zids is the poster child of "cutsey" and his point shot is rarely low and on net, as Weber's always seems to be. It is time to give the kid the position he deserves, despite what contracts may be.
The real answer is to trade Zids in the fact, I would be surprised if it doesn't happen.

I hate Phaneuf.....he hits with his elbows up....that hit on Kariya was elbow led and deserved a penalty.
I would take Weber 100 times over Phaneuf.

That's always been my biggest pet peeve with Zids is his shot. He seems to always wanna pick the top corners. And that's just not the recipe for success. A hard, low pointshot on net is so much more valuable because of all the potential for redirection, rebounds, etc. And there's much less of a chance of missing the net on those shots.

As for Phaneuf v. Weber, I'm not sure it's fair to judge Dion when he plays Nashville. Calgary has always seemed to play a style that supports their defensemen well (can't speak for this year as much, but definitely was the case in previous years). Nashville's speed and style seems to force Phaneuf and co to play in space. And as good as Regehr, Phaneuf, etc. are in within Calgary's system, they really, really struggle when it becomes less structured and they are forced to cover more ice. Now, that's this fans opinion based on the Calgary games I've seen, but it seemed more evident than ever last night.

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