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Originally Posted by GeauxPreds View Post
Did people suddenly forget how useless Tootoo was when he was here last? I understand some people dislike clune but Tootoo was much worse. If we're going to be stuck with a goon I'd take Clune over Tootoo, though it'd be nice to have McGratten back instead of both.
So Clune's 7 points in 58 games were better than Tootoo's last season here of 30 points in 77 games? That's .12 points per game versus .39 points per game. He also played 77 games which means he was valuable enough to play almost the entire season whereas Clune was a healthy scratch for almost a third of the season. Tootoo also had the ability to win the majority of his fights and stick up for his teammates. Teams knew if they messed with us, Tootoo was coming on the ice to either check someone hard or fight someone and more often than not he achieved what he was sent out there to do. Since his departure, teams have taken more liberties with us than in most years and we have no one to stick up for our star players. You think Downey takes a run at Josi like he did early in the season if he knows Tootoo is on the bench ready to take him on or run one of their stars? You think teams play as chippy as they did if Tootoo is on the bench? Sorry but I have no idea how you could say Tootoo was much worse than Clune when stats say otherwise. While Clune is a funny guy, he's barely an NHL player and knowing what he's gone through, I'm proud of the guy but he honestly has no business being in the NHL.

For what it's worth, a few guys that didn't even put up 30 points this year were named Bourque, Nystrom, Gaustad and Stalberg. While I didn't think Tootoo was worth what Detroit gave him, he outperformed all of those guys numbers wise for less salary than all of them except Bourque. So that's 5 guys who Tootoo had better numbers than his last season here but he was worthless. For a team starved in point production, maybe his numbers wouldn't have been so bad this year considering how close we were to the playoffs. How sad is that?

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