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02-10-2004, 09:27 PM
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Dont forget to mention how bad the refs were tonight. Especially in the 3rd periode were there was all this hocking and habs players aswell as florida players faling on the ice every 3 seconds. It was just horrible to watch. You know what /%% pisses me off is how the nhl are trying to chanche all these rules. I for one think there is no problem with the game we have now. All we need is for the refs to wake up and call everything they see. Youll see it well increase goal scoring. Theres no point puting the net 3 feet back or decresing the goalie pads. Teams are still going to finds ways of adapting a new trap system. When is the nhl going to wake and actualy admit they might have the worst refing system in all profesional sports. Even if we make those changes it will just be the same if the refs dont WAKE UP! Horrible!

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