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02-10-2004, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Raider Zero
1) the Pens actually have someone there to work with goalies, and improvement in itself.

2) did you think that the players Molleken is going over tapes with may be the goalies? the goalies have said they watch tapes and review them.

3) if the goalies are in the drills, then wouldnt that be helping the goalies? and did he mention who the individual players are? they could be aubin and caron.

4) the pens stated at the beginning of the year, one reason Molleken was brought in was to work with the goalies. even if he doesnt spend 100% of the time with them, he is still helping.

5) a goalie is going to let in goals regardless of whats in front of him, whether its Caron or Roy. just because they do, doesnt mean its because molleken doesnt spend all his time with them.

you're making ambiguous statements, saying molleken does this and that with players ASSUMING he is not doing them with the goalies. if the statements are ambiguous, it can be as easily said he does all that with the goalies as if he doesnt.
Molleken is doing this work with players. Ie fwds and blueliners. Not goalies. Hence the term, 'other responsibilities.'

So that should answer all of your statements except #5

As for #5, every goalie lets up bad goals. A good goalie doesn't make the same mistakes over and over, such as Caron and Fluery have done this year. That comes down to coaching and youth.

I am not criticizing Molleken for his work. You can't expect him to be in two places at once.

The Pens have long been criticized for not having a goalie coach, and the move with Molleken is only a band-aid.

The Pens coaching fiascos are well documented.

From practicing nepotism, to a coach that could barely speak English, then hiring a coach right out of the broadcast booth.

They have left themselves open to scrutiny, and much of it is well deserved.

If you want to believe a part-time goalie coach can develop Caron and Fluery better than a full-time coach, that is your opinion.

I say it isn't possible.

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