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Originally Posted by moreoutdoor View Post
ah, so you have no problems milking the LHS so that you can save a few shekels ?
I would expect EVERY LHS to have a 'fitting' charge, which then gets zero'd when skates are purchased. Pro service has value, in all things. Don;'t expect to get it for free. I'm surprised when they don;t charge.
If you know what you need then go buy it on the interweb. If you need someone's help who really knows, then be ready to pay them
I bought top of the line skates from my LHS and I paid a butt load (50% more than if I bought them online). The good news is that they fit...really well. I really can't justify paying extra for a stick (no one has offered to provide professional stick fitting and shooting advice in my area) so I buy them online.

IMO, you have to be fair. If a LHS adds value (e.g. proper skate fitting, after sale support, convenience, ability to get the right size) then you should pay extra. If you know what you need or aren't that picky then by all means buy online to save money.

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