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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
I actually went with Fenwick-Close 5v5 which has been confirmed as a valid predictor of future success (if you do the research to which you've demonstrated you don't, so it's not your approval I'm looking for), along with the face that 6 of 8 teams with the better Score-Adjusted Fenwick went 6 for 8 in the playoffs. 75% success rate, you better pay attention. If you're 27th in 5v5-Close Fenwick and 2nd in PDO, you're gonna get exposed. It's going to happen. The Avalanche even drew an opponent that was vulnerable and still couldn't get it done. You also must really be surprised that Ryan Miller wasn't an actual upgrade to Jaroslav Halak. I mean, it's not anyone would actually think that unless they saw the numbers and lol'd when the Blues made that trade.

Otherwise, I don't care how non-credible you think I am. I've made enough connections away from here, some of them writers/credible bloggers who I'm sure don't agree with you or else they'd keep ignoring me, some of them just other people who do otherwise, researching and discussing it. Enough to the point that achieving the approval of people who continuously fail to provide evidence and/or discrediting it and/or vilifying it because they don't agree with what it says (still failing to provide evidence) in these types discussions falls somewhere in between being locked room listening to a song on an endless loop about how unabatedly happy Pharell Williams is at any given moment and bare-knuckle fighting a werewolf.

I sense you may feel the same way, although I don't know your feelings on Pharell Williams, personally I liked him way better during his N.E.R.D. days like 12 years ago.
Worst attempt at bragging ever? I dont know how much credibility you have when you think Emery is just as good as Mason, but hey.


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