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05-01-2014, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Considering the Flyers' situation at the time, yes, I think they were honestly hoping that Schenn would be able to step into the shoes of either Richards or Carter down the road. He was considered a top prospect (with a highly stupid label), and they had just traded two centers for two wingers. I have to think the org had hopes he would take one of their spots down the line behind Giroux...if not, then I don't get why they bother getting him, or what their logic could possibly have beeen; especially since they had no idea they were getting Couturier. As I recall Schenn was the centerpiece of the trade based on his assumed potential and Simmonds was the add-on.
Expecting Schenn to be a 2C and expecting him to be a Richards/Carter replacement are two different things. Richards and Carter were both high-end 2C's or middle of the road 1C's when they were here. I don't expect Schenn to reach their level. He might reach 70 points and hit 30 goals a few times, which is great for a 2C, but he probably won't hit 40 like Carter or be the kind of leader Richards was. Those guys are pretty damn hard to replace.

People are so negative around here. Schenn literally just played his first full season while being asked to carry his own line and not getting top PP minutes and he still put up 40 points and 20 goals. That's not bad for a first full season of a 22 year old, look at the list of comparable guys at his age. His development is perfectly fine and you people suggesting he's already peaked or doesn't have potential are bat **** insane. You're the bane of this franchise and the reason we have so much turnover. Settle down and watch this kid grow, I guarantee he'll improve.

I really just can't believe the vitriol Schenn is getting on here for having a perfectly acceptable season for someone his age and with his experience. But since he's not Mike Richards 2.0 we should ship him out. Makes me embarrassed to be a fan of this franchise.

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