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03-10-2007, 10:09 AM
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Comments: Tootoo throws a shot in on Miikka Kiprusoff and is then shoved behind the net by Regehr. Tootoo gives Regehr a shot in return and Regehr and Brad Stuart start shoving him against the boards. Regehr drops his gloves and starts feeding Tootoo rights while Stuart continued to try and get at Tootoo. Tootoo is able to drop his gloves and turn around, throwing a right that misses while Jason Arnott moves in and grabs Stuart. Tootoo then connects with a right that sends Regehr's head banging off the boards. Regehr then falls to the ice with Tootoo getting in a left as they are going down. Tootoo ***** back his right hand, but one of the linesmen are right there to grab Tootoo and send him to the penalty box. Other Penalties: Regehr received an instigator and misconduct; Brad Stuart and Jason Arnott each received a roughing.

I just watched the video. The hands were definitely high. Scratch the stick part. However, it looks like your synopsis differs greatly from that of hockey fights (which you provided by the way). Further, I do not believe Regehr is a thug, but in several instances in his career (especially against the Predators), he certainly has acted like one. Last night was no different. Finally, I'm not sure if your trying to pin the fracas on Tootoo's shoulders or not, but it certainly appears that way. This fight was completely due to Regehr's unnecessary actions after a routine save by Kipprusoff......

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