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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
if you lived in this area you would never feel that way.
Would a Flyer fan living in Ontario mind if the Leafs won a Cup? I doubt it
Fair enough. I've just never been able to build any real animosity towards the B's. They built that team so damn well, and I have too much respect for that organization to cheer against them. Especially when the alternative is Montreal or Pittsburgh.

My order of desire from the east:

New York

And the west:

Los Angeles

Was really pulling for SJ or Colorado. But just my luck to go 0/3 on game sevens.

EDIT: And similar to my inability to build animosity for Boston, I have similarly failed to ever build much good will towards the Kings. I really tried because of Carter and Richards, but they're just too bland to get excited about. Also, we hear enough already about the Kings "winning" those trades; it would just be overkill for them to win a Cup and see all the "LOL Flyers" posts that still don't make a modicum of sense.

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