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05-02-2014, 07:31 PM
poes law
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At a cap hit of 5.8 million, I'd certainly hope that a forward wouldn't score fewer points over the season than Seabrook, even if said forward missed about 20% of the season. It'd be one thing if Seabrook was in a scoring race with Karlsson scoring around 1PPG, but Seabrook is "only" a .5PPG player. At this point, you'd consider other parts of the game, such as leadership, defense, physicality, etc. Would anyone really consider Nash a better leader, defensive player (relative to position, or in absolute terms), or more physical player than Seabrook to the point where swapping Seabrook for Nash at the same cap hit is somehow palatable for the Hawks? I certainly wouldn't.

Now think about their "clutchness." Nash has 2 goals in 23 career playoff games. Seabrook has 2 goals in his 3 playoff games this year; Seabrook has 2 playoff OT goals. Nash's career PPG is just above .5, Seabrook's just below .5.

Based on all this, Seabrook is the better player, so what about fit for the team?

Trading Seabrook for Nash would be giving up the guy who logs the second most ice time (only behind Norris finalist and former winner) and getting in return someone who would at best be their fourth best winger.

So as far as fit goes, Hawks don't make out all that well there either.

And before someone tries to tell me Nash's production is lower because of injuries (specifically concussions), that really doesn't make Nash look as attractive as you might think it does.

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