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02-11-2004, 05:27 AM
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Originally Posted by hbk
If you break down what the Flyers originally paid to acquire Comrie Burke's trade value comes out closer to what Phoenix fans were saying than what was being proposed on these boards. Of course that all depends on how you value Radivojevic and Eager.

My opinion:
Eager = 3rd round pick (stats are not as impressive as his size)
Woywitka = Radivojevic (Raddy projects to be a 20/20 man - I may be underrating Woywitka here)
Burke = 1st round pick

Now some will mix and match the return because of how I evaluated Eager and come to a different conclusion. Some could also argue that Eager would fetch a second round pick if he went into the draft. That is true; however, most observers felt that some of the players selected in the first round in the 2002 entry draft would be third round selections in a normal draft year.
That does mean Eager = 2nd rounder, though. According to yourself.

Like you, I'm not all that high on Eager (although i seem to remember there were threads where you spoke better of him prior to the trade) but hey, he was effectively a 2nd round value for the Coyotes. They just gave up a guy who would fetch them that.

I have to say, Eager couldn't end up on a better team. Eager+Flyers seems like a good combination to me. He'll fit great there, I think.

The real clincher is Radivojevic. I think overall the trade makes sense for both teams but I give the win to Philly.

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