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03-10-2007, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by TrappedinNJ View Post
A) Rangers key players (the ones still playing) were tired today. Exhasted even, after 2 very emotional and hard-fought wins over the Isles, and a miracle come-from-behind win against the Blues last Sat.

B) Obviously the NHL will stop at nothing to give a premier player a clear platform to perform, (unless he plays for the Rangers??). Where was the hook that got called? Anyone see it? What about the NON-icing call? Hey, here's an idea, why don't we stop the game and run the Zamboni before Crosby's shifts so he doesn't have to skate in that crappy ice. Gotta let the kid have a chance to show his stuff right? I'm sorry, call me a cynical Ranger Homer, but to me they want Crosby in the playoffs making headlines for the "new" NHL.

C) I'll take the point. I wasn't expecting 2. That was all that mattered to me today, and from the looks of it, Ranger players felt the same way. they couldn't wait for that game to be over.

D) If you don't think Rozy is playing strong D for us, try going 3 games ina row without him. Defensive D is the most under-appreciated position in hockey. When you do your job well most people don't even know it. Make one mistake and most fan start talking trade. If denfensemen played "perfect" there would be no shots on goal. Rozy make mistakes today? You bet. The whole team did. Why? see A above. If anyone has the ice-time stats for the past 4 games please post them.

That's all I have for now. Feel free to add.

Trapped, I personally don't think Rozy had a good game, but you may be on to something with the amount of ice time he is logging. If so......that has to be laid at Renney's feet. Its not like he can't give other people more time now....there are better blueliners now overall, than there were at the start of the season.

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