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Originally Posted by 2forsbergaura1 View Post
Ok, I know, I know, we spoke about lines for next season before. However, it seems to me that most of you here want to keep Shany?

Don't get me wrong, I like Shany a lot, he is a great leader and scorer. However, he is also 38. We have so many good young prospects in the AHL level that are ready or almost ready to play in the NHL...and guys like Shany will block them from making that next move.

So now that we've seen the likes of Dubinsky, Immonen, etc., at the NHL level...I think we should not re-sign Shany.

Here are my lines for next year:

Hossa - Nylander -Jagr
Avery - Dubinsky - Straka
Jessiman - Cullen - Callahan
Hollweg - Betts - Ortmayer

extra: Immonen/Orr/Isbister

Tyutin - Staal
Mara - Girardi
Rozsival - Pock

extra: Baranka/Sauer/Liffiton
Dubinsky and Immonen have no pairing on signing Shanahan, they play center he plays LW he isn't blocking them.

And Hossa does not give me enough confidence to take a shot on him to start a season at the cost of not signing Shanahan. Hossa has to show he can play for a whole season first.

Avery has never scored more than 15 goals at the NHL level and we're going to count on him as a second line LW?

Avery is a third line player, a very good one but you take a huge risk going with your top two LW's as Hossa and Avery.

You also take a huge risk putting two rookies on the third line with Cullen.

Prucha is also nowhere to be found.

There are just WAY too many what if's in the scenario with nothing more than a handful of good games for guys being expected to play very key roles.

Hartford has some good kids, but outside of Dawes they really don't have an impact on Shanahan. You're looking at a lot of kids, who if ready are still going to be starting out on the bottom lines.

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