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05-03-2014, 03:49 PM
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Pastrnak info.

Pastrnak is a hard winger for defenseman to track as he has quick agility with the puck and shoots in and out of lanes. His offensive MO is to quickly shift gears, always to high gear, and change direction seemingly all while drawing the puck with him magnetically. He gets surprising heat on his shot when on the move for a guy who can stand to put some weight on. He has very good defensive awareness, contrary to cliché reports, and shows intensity to finish plays out to his goal line. He really backchecks hard and makes plays on the puck shutting opposing attacks down.

One thing you immediately notice though is his aggressiveness can both work for or against him. You wish he could ease off the gas once in awhile, and not rush himself so much that he makes errant passes or even loses his skating edge because he’s so intent on being maxed out. If he slows down and shows situational composure, he has the potential to be a game breaking stud winger who has a high capitalization rate. The only other issue that will improve with time is he tends to get negated out of plays easily due to his slight stature if he can’t outright beat them with speed.

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