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05-03-2014, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by blinds View Post
Raffl and Laughton are two guys I'd feel comfortable putting into a role there. Hall would be fine from a pure defensive aspect, although we'd lose even more offense. If Voracek moves down to run 2nd line, Simmonds is a guy who would fit in well on the 3rd. I'm not sure how Akeson is defensively but as long as he's capable, it wouldn't be a bad thing to throw that offensive spark in there. That's 5 guys who could slot in, but I'd prefer Raffl take his spot.

I know Couts and Read have chemistry, but it doesn't take a lot to be successful defensively on the wing. Couts is the driving force of that line. Read brings more to the table than just good defense and I want to give him a chance to create some offense.

By work better I just meant it would improve the lineup as a whole, not the 3rd line specifically.

Edit: Saw your edit. The point isn't squeezing more offense out of Read, it's providing a complementary piece to the top 6. Giroux could use a guy like him on his LW instead of the Hartnell train wreck who can't skate, pass, skate a puck or even accept a pass anymore. Read's got a better shot than Hartnell too. The point is Read is a better option offensively than any other LW option, while we can get someone to replace him defensively.
Raffl's the only guy who could come close to matching Read's defense & Read's still a better defensive & overall player. Laughton will be a center & isn't even guarentee to be on the team let alone to be relied on heavily at this moment because we simpily don't know. Akeson & Simmonds are just not strong defensive players & in Akeson's case it's similar to Laughton in that he's not even a guarentee to be on the roster next year. Hall's a good PKer but virtually useless overall at ES aside from his faceoff ability.

I much rather leave Couturier & Read together, Read had a good impact on Couturier's overall game this year. I don't feel like stunting Couturier's offensive growth by sticking him with scrubs or players who don't mesh well again. I like Raffl but I still have my doubts about him being anything more than a bottom 6 player, his offense still leaves much to be desired about.

Read still holds much more value to the team in the role he currently is in because outside of him & Couturier there isn't much forwards on the roster that are considered strong defensively & our defensive unit still isn't going to be good next year. Giroux still put up 86 points this year so I'm not really seeing how the benefits are much greater of having Read there instead of in his current role. I much rather try Schenn on the first line if you want to replace Hartnell.

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