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05-03-2014, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyThoughts View Post
Practice, practice, practice.

You've got to continually shoot and stickhandle the ball both stationary and in motion to get a better idea of things like: how hard you want to strike the ball, where you want your hands to be on the stick for a slapper or wrister, or how much to toe drag to pick corners.

Shooting the ball is a lot different than shooting a puck. Kind of. It doesn't take the same strength and full body movement that a puck takes, but integrating what you know about shooting a puck (torquing..etc) into your ball hockey will only help in the accuracy and power of your shot.

Other notes:
-Don't tape the blade like you would for ice. You don't want the friction of the tape rubbing against the floor.

-Make sure you stick is a few inches smaller than your ice hockey stick.

-Try not to get under the ball, but rather try to push through the ball on a shot or hard pass.

-Ask your teammates to be vocal and communicate. It makes it a lot easier when you get the ball and someone on your team yells "TIME" and you know you can take an extra second or two to look up and really get some power into the shot you want. And on the flipside, it also helps to avoid some turnovers that occur when you try to pick a corner but really you only had time to one-time the ball.
Thanks for the tips! Hopefully this helps me during our league and PlayOn. Too bad Edmonton sets it up with the most shoddiest cement you can find

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