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05-03-2014, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by BrianBoyle View Post
Yeah, it's not like he leads us in points or anything.

As one of Richards harshest critics over the past two years, I cannot say he has been anything short of very good thus far in the playoffs. For my money, he's been our best center, and I'm certain that he has a huge influence in the locker room. This Rangers team is fairly green outside of a few players. He's one of three guys on the team with a Stanley Cup, his experience is a huge positive on the younger, more inexperienced players on the team.

I am still 100% for buying out Richards this offseason, but anyone who says or believes he has not been one of our better players is clearly just pushing an agenda.
Financially speaking you can probably justify a Richards CBO even if we win the cup and he gets the Smythe, I'm just not sure who is supposed to replace him though, both in a performance and leadership sense. Stastny has huge mistake written all over him as far as the long term is concerned (worse than Richards' contract if you want to compare them) and I'm not sure who is out there as a viable replacement center with top end potential. Kadri? He's kind of a head case from what I've heard. Also brings no leadership experience really.

We all thought Sather was nuts for not buying BR out last summer and potentially risking a Richards injury which could prevent a CBO, but he made the right move. We are probably not out of the first round without his leadership and performance, with a heavier emphasis on his leadership in truth, although his performance has been great.

The fact of the matter is that the Rangers are facing an inevitable downturn in play within the next four years. Sather may not care about the tail end of the BR contract as much because we're looking at an Old Hank (butterfly goalies don't age well), Old Girardi, and definitely no MSL anyway. Also right now we also have 0 killer prospects. In addition, Sather will likely not be here to deal with this future mess so if keeping BR means a better shot at the cup for the next few years I think he's just going to keep him.

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