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03-11-2007, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
And Hossa does not give me enough confidence to take a shot on him to start a season at the cost of not signing Shanahan. Hossa has to show he can play for a whole season first.

Avery has never scored more than 15 goals at the NHL level and we're going to count on him as a second line LW?

Avery is a third line player, a very good one but you take a huge risk going with your top two LW's as Hossa and Avery.

You also take a huge risk putting two rookies on the third line with Cullen.
1. Hossa - he has played very well for 2-3 month prior to his injury. I dont know how you can say he is not good enough to play on the 1st line with Jagr when he has done that rather well for about a month now. I think you are underestimating Hossa a LOT!

2. Avery - If you dont want Avery on a 2nd line, then I'm sure EVERY GM in the NHL will take him off your hands and put him on their 2nd line, easily. He has 8 points in 14 games with the Rangers...and does so much more than just get points. He is good enough to play on any team's 2nd line.

3. Rookies with Cullen - I dont see that as a risk actually, I see it as letting the kids play. You are not throwing them in to play in the last 10 games of next season. You are putting them with Cullen from day 1 of training camp and they will slowly build experience that way. If one of the 2 rookies can't handle it, then you maybe put someone in with more experience (like an Isbister).

Prucha - I forgot about him...added him in another post on page 1.

In general, I find your views very pessimstic. Renney for a while was saying "we wont play the kids until they are ready for the NHL". So he would never play a Dubinsky or Immonen unless they were ready...they are ready now, so he is playing them. Both have been very solid, not costing us much defensively...same can be said for Girardi, Pock, Hossa, etc. Avery is just a diamond in a rough, those guys are so hard to come by...a skilled yet tough guy who can play on a 2nd line!

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