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05-04-2014, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by blinds View Post
It's not about motivating him, it's about giving him the space to succeed. That's like giving Giroux 12 minutes a game with less than ideal circumstances and being angry he doesn't play well. He's not in a position to succeed. He's bad defensively, but that's not the position you want him in in the first place. He's an offensive player.

Alex Ovechkin is bad defensively, but he can still be one of the biggest game breakers in the league. Vinny isn't at his 50-goal scoring peak, but he can still turn a game. You just have to put them in the right situation to succeed.

I really don't understand the rush to get rid of him, he's played ONE SEASON on a new team after being on the same team his whole career.

He's gotten mediocre minutes and played in a new position.

He had a pretty significant injury mid season, when he played great before it. He also came back from said injury early.

He paced for more points than any forward not on the first PP unit.

Guy gets no leeway. I'd at least like to see how he does with another season here. If it's more of the same, I don't have a problem shipping him off. Who do we have to replace him? Raffl? He paced for almost half the points Vinny did, not exactly another 20-goal scorer right there. Raffl has no business in the top 6 (although he's a fantastic bottom 6 guy).
I just think it is knee-jerk to get rid of him after just one season. I don't think Philly knows how to be anything but knee-jerk, so I am not surprised.

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