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03-11-2007, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Le Golie View Post
Fine, then start a thread titled 'Nolan is a ***** for claiming Hollweg embellished' . At least an argument can be made that he was eluding to the Simon incident through his comments about a completely separate incident.

However, Nolan's comments in no way, shape or form blame Hollweg.

The thread title is: 'Islanders brass blaming Hollweg for Simon assault'

And that is a complete fabrication by Rangerboy.
Yes, the title is a fabrication, but the content of this thread is very much on point aside from some of Rangerboy's ******** at the top.

The point remains that we have a right to call the Islanders on their garbage. It's quite hypocritical, in my opinion, to be so outraged by an admittedly ridiculous title, while not being outraged by ridiculous comments made by a head coach.

The comments themselves weren't necessarily excuses by the word of the book, but he's trying to discredit the victim and create sympathy for the attacker. It's all to common in the criminal courts, and by definition a means of defense.

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