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05-04-2014, 09:03 PM
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extreme outside of foot pain. opinions?

(this is for roller hockey, by the way)
so i got a new pair of ccm rbz 80's recently. size 9D i had them baked and got some custom ccm insoles with them as well. used them a couple times, things felt normal. then i had a scrimmage with my team last night. about 30 minutes in i started getting intense pain on the outsides of both feet, mainly the right one though. i had to sit myself out a lot more than i wanted to because of this pain. (i wasnt even going super hard, it was just a scrimmage) when the game was over, i took off my skates and literally could not put any weight on my right foot at all. i had to hop off the court and to my car on my left foot (luckily my friend was driving). even when i got home, it took about 2 hours before i could place any weight on it. and even 24 hours later it still is very painful. i can walk, but it hurts. the pain is focused around the outside/outside-bottom of my right foot. it hurts to walk or even if i press on that area. i dont see any bruising or swelling. any ideas if this could be some type of injury? my left foot feels fine.

here is what i am thinking, (and i would love to hear what you guys think, especially if anyone else has had pain in this area or used these skates)

1. i just got new waxed laces prior to this scrimmage. i think i may have tied my skates extremely too tight causing the pain. i also tightened my skates once with my toes pointing up. yea i know, thats stupid, but i forgot to put my foot flat
2. im not sure about these ccm insoles. i got fitted with the medium arch ones, but idk. i have used superfeet and i think i like them better
3. these skates use an 80 80 80 80 wheel setup. i have always skated with the hi-lo 80 80 76 76 setup. i feel like maybe the flat nature of the 80 80 80 80 doesnt work with my feet and causes me to be too flatfooted, making there be a lot of pressure on the outside of the foot
4. maybe they are not wide enough. although, i tried on a bunch of skates and i liked the way they felt. i tried on some wide boots just to be sure and they were too wide. idk maybe i would just be better off with a different brand
5. also, my right foot is about a half size bigger than my left. my right is about a 9.5 while my left is almost at a 9. the ccm rbz is cut about a half size big though, so thats why i got 9's.

im just trying to decide what to do at this point. should i try getting them punched, new insoles, new skates all together. i understand that it takes a while to break in skates. but this is ridiculous. i have broken in skates before. i have never experienced foot pain this bad to where i couldnt walk for hours and then have pain that is still really bad 24 hours later , especially considering i had them baked and skated in a them a few times. interested to hear what you have to say before i make a decision with what i want to do, or if any of you think i may have some type of injury. stress fracture, etc.
(sorry for the length, just wanted to provide all relevant info)


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