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Originally Posted by Robert Gordon Orr View Post
I haven't seen any contemporary sources yet, except for the series of Orlick articles from Montreal Gazette in 1943 where he quotes old (and many times incomplete) articles from 1875 and 1876 (mostly). It would help by posting the complete originals from the 1870s, so that we can examine them.
Unfortunately the original articles are not available via the google news archive. Some articles can be found elsewhere online, but only a few as far as I know. It would be helpful if someone who has access to the originals (via Canadian libraries) could post them.

Originally Posted by Robert Gordon Orr View Post
Or anyone of you can start posting where you think the origins started, in form of first recorded games, published rules, use of puck/bung and so on.
When you have established what you believe are the so called origins of the game, we'll have a good platform for us to discuss.

Right now there is no reason for me to post any links/sources until I have a good understanding of what people are claiming here
What people are claiming here is basically what Canadian sources (the one Orlick was restricted to as well) reveal, augmented by a few glimpses from other sources. Stick and ball games tried out on ice surfaces (instead of land/field) in various regions where climate allowed it, for example in the Netherlands (16-17th century) and in England (18-19th century). A disc used instead of a ball occasionally in England. The version with the ball however codified and institutionalized and also exported to the Continent. Stick and ball games played on the ice in Canada and New England too, codified and institutionalized in Montreal, with the disc ("puck") becoming the standard playing object in the 1880s, defining Canadian ice hockey as it started to expand to Europe in the 1890s.

As for your eight "firsts" quoted above, #1-3 are not controversial as far as I'm concerned and consequently #4-5 are no suprises. With #6 it comes down to what you define as ice hockey. The game with the ball? D'accord. With the disc? Paint me surpised. #7-8 are news to me, even if I assume you have the game with the ball in mind.

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